Rawl Plug - M8 Rawl Shield Eye Bolt

Product Code: R-SA-EB8

M8 Rawl Shield Eye Bolt

  • Product recommended for application requiring fire resistance.
  • Three-pieces expanding sleeve of Maximum Expansion provides Optimal Load and Safety of use in any substrate/underlying layer.
  • Eye Bolt designed and manufactured for maximum performance
  • Comes complete with Shield, Washer and Hex nut
  • Ferrule marked with hole diameter to ensure correct installation
  • Pressed steel segments ensure consistent dimensional accuracy
  • Optimum taper nut angle for optimum expansion in all recommended subtrates
  • Drill hole Diameter 14mm
  • Minimum hole depth 55mm
  • Diameter in hook 12mm
  • Recommended torque in concrete 15nm
  • Recommended torque in brick 7.5nm
  • Rawlplug product code: R-RBL-06EW
  • Sold Individually

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