350mm Stainless Cutting Blades (Norton) Box of 10

Product Code: BV350.Q10

350mm Norton Vulcan Stainless Cutting Blades 

A New Range of High Quality Cutting-off Wheels

Norton Vulcan provides a complete, convenient offer for all metal work applications for angle grinders, petrol saws, chop saws and fixed machines.

Blade Dimensions : 350mm x 3.0mm x 25.4mm

Specification A 30 S

Longer wheel life, quick and free cutting

High stability for straight cutting

Designed for portable metal chop saws and for fixed machines

Advanced grain and bond system

High quality mechanical reinforcement

Blade Diameter - 350mm

Norton Saint-Gobain Product I.D : 66252925462

Sold as a pack of 10

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