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Where to Buy Cable Management Supplies

Where to Buy Cable Management Supplies

In this blog, we’ll be answering the question at hand, which is “Where can I buy cable management supplies?”. 

Now, this may seem like an obvious question considering the answers right in front of you, as you can buy cable management supplies from Direct Channel’s online store!

Nevertheless, this is a commonly asked question and the answer can be incredibly helpful, especially when you need a quick cable management solution. 

However, since we’ve already given you the answer, we might as well tell you which cable management supplies will help to keep your cables tidy. Here are 16 cable management supplies available on our website.

Visit our ‘cable containment’ page to browse the full range of supplies! 

16 Cable Management Supplies to Keep Your Cables Tidy

  1. Cable Tray. These provide an economical and effective method of protecting, supporting and transporting cables in commercial & industrial installations. 

Our range is made up of Pre-Galvanised Steel and Hot Dipped Galvanised cable trays. All of which are manufactured to industry standard specifications and are available in all lengths and bends.

Plus our accessories come in light, medium and heavy-duty profiles! 

  1. Basket Tray. Our Premier / Pemsa branded Wire Mesh Cable Tray is a leading product of new generation containment systems, which offers users excellent load carrying performance in a lightweight, open design. 

Wire mesh cable trays also have good heat dissipation, flexible installation and convenient subsequent maintenance and good load-bearing capacity.

  1. Galvanised Conduit. The Longmore brand is synonymous with precision steel conduit tubing and readily recognised in the international market of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East, including the UK and Ireland. 

Used for protecting and routing electrical wiring in a building or structure, these galvanised conduits are in high demand. The conduit is available in 20mm diameter (3M & 3.75M length) and 25mm diameter (3M & 3.75M length) and all material is supplied to ISO 9000 quality assured standards and manufactured in accordance with BSEN 61386-1

  1. Ladder Rack. Our Ladder Rack range is heavy duty with a Pre-Galvanised and Hot Dipped Galvanised finish. Furthermore, our range of cable ladders is built for industrial use with high load bearing and is suitable for industrial plants, oil & gas, power stations, biomass plants and solar thermal use.

  1. Cable Trunking. We provide Electrical Power Trunking and Pre-Galvanised Steel Cable Trunking in an array of sizes - our cable trunking can also be used as Data Trunking in all network applications.

  1. Premier Universal Lids. Our range of premier universal lids includes a full range of Cable Tray Lids in all sizes from 50mm to 300mm. We keep thousands of lengths in stock and they’re all available from stock for next day delivery. 

  1. Under Desk Cable Tidy. Our under desk cable baskets can be secured discreetly to the underside of a desk to allow for cables to be managed neatly, avoiding accidental disconnection and can minimise trip hazards. Additionally, they can be fitted to the modesty panel or directly to the underside of the tabletop.

  1. Trapeze Brackets. Cable tray is often supported by using Channel as the base connected by threaded rod. This is a secure method of fixing and gives total flexibility to the positioning of upright supports. To adjust, simply cut the slotted channel to length and connect either side with threaded rod. This can then be fixed to the ceiling or supported by girders.

Once secured the cable tray then simply sits on the channel and fixes into place using a channel nut & bolt. This method can be used for all cable sizes and is especially useful when covering large spans and cables supporting heavy loads.

  1. Data Foot Floor Mounts. These make an ideal platform for supporting ductwork, pipework, cable containment and A/C systems over flat roofs. Another benefit is that they’re easily assembled and provide a solid platform for all flat roof mounting applications, which is proven by thousands of trials & tests successfully carried out by professional installers throughout the UK.

  1. Tray & Basket Brackets. Designed to fit over strut channel or to be fixed directly to a Ceiling or a Wall, our tray & basket brackets are used to suspend cable trays, trunking and baskets of all kinds.

  1. Britclips® Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket. This extendable bracket is for mounting electrical boxes, conduit and for fixing any cable containment behind a plasterboard/stud wall and is quicker and easier to install than usual methods.

They can also be fixed to metal or timber studs and expand from 10 to 16 inches and 16 to 24 inches. Not to mention these lightweight, high quality, galvanised steel brackets can be positioned at multiple distances from the edge of the baton.

  1. Cable Flange Clips. Our Cable Run Clips are designed to clip onto the Girder Flange and are available in all sizes, for varying different Girder sizes, specifically for Girder Flange thicknesses of around 2-4mm, 4-7mm & 8-12mm

  1. Metal Cable Guards. Direct Channel's Range of Metal Sheathing consists of Pre-Galvanised Steel Cable Capping / Steel Tail Protectors (aka Cable Protection Capping/Cable Protection Sleeves / Sheathing) which can be fixed to walls before Plastering or Boarding.  

Alternatively, you can try our heavy-duty GS9 range for outdoor use, which is designed to cover any Cables or group of cables and provides Mechanical protection against impact. This cable capping is available in a length of 2 meters and widths of ½ inch, 1 inch, 1½ inches, 2 inches, 2½ inches.

  1. Zip Clip Wire Support. Zip Clip is a range of innovative products designed for speed and ease of use. The galvanised high tensile wire rope offers you a better safe working load than those found on the market. This is because all these products are independently tested off-site by NEL/TUV, MELBTEST, NATA, SATREA, Lloyds British and Apave.

  1. Cable Ties & Fixing Bands. Direct Channel's Range of Quality Cable Ties & Mounts come in a wide range of sizes and all sizes of Non-Releasable Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties are available in stock. You can also get our Saddles mounts, Masonry mounts and high-quality Nylon 6.6 that conforms to UL94V2 and Mil-Spec E258930.

  1. Uni J Cable Clamps. These Uni J Cable Clamps Systems are for clamping cables and Pipework to 21mm & 41mm Strut Channel and are available in a variety of sizes from 24mm to 72mm. They feature a double spine that adds strength but also enables stable location within channel systems.

Furthermore, each UNI-J clamp slide lock feature allows a variable cable diameter range of 11mm and currently a total diameter range of 24.5-71.5mm across 6 clamps and is designed to allow the simple installation of long cable runs, which can be done for single or multiple runs on the same fixing bolt!

For more information regarding any items in our Cable Management range, please email [email protected] or give us a call on 0121 270 8507.

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