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Best Cable Management 2021: How To Keep Your Cables Tidy

Keeping your cables tidy allows you to be more productive when working. This is important as a lot of us are working from home due to the pandemic. Cable Management also makes your room look tidy and adds a more spacious feeling to your office.

To help organise your cables, whether at home, in the office or even in the warehouse; we supply the best cable management products to keep your cables tidy. 

Furthermore, we’ve also included 3 ways to keep your cables tidy below: 

  • Basket Tray

  • Basket Support Brackets

  • Under Desk Cable Management (Cable Baskets)

For more information on these products, you can call us on 0121 270 8507 and we’ll help find the best solution for you. 

Alternatively, you can keep reading the rest of our blog below.

3 Ways To Keep Your Cables Tidy

Basket Tray

Our Pemsa branded wire mesh cable trays are leading products of the new generation of containment systems. These premier basket trays provide our users with excellent laid-carrying performance, all with a lightweight open design. 

Wire mesh cable trays have great heat dissipation, a flexible installation that allows for convenient subsequent maintenance, and also have an excellent load-bearing capacity.

In addition, our wire basket trays are fully certified and have exceeded the requirements of European Standard (UNE-EN-61537). As well as exceeding expectations for fire tests, as defined by the German Standard (DIN 4102-12).

We also take pride in ensuring that the product is UL Classified: This certification means that our Pemsa wire mesh tray has the correct electrical continuity between trays, offering our customers the highest quality of use. 

If you’re interested in our wire mesh cable tray, it’s available in:

  • Silver Electro Zinc Plated -BZP

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised - HDG

  • C8 Black (Corrosion Resistant) - External Use

  • A2 Stainless Steel - Grade 304

Alternatively, you can find our entire range of basket trays by clicking here.

Basket Support Brackets

If you’re interested in our basket trays, then you’ll definitely want to check out Direct Channel’s full range of wire cable basket brackets and accessories.

These brackets go hand-in-hand with our basket trays and open a whole new world of opportunity for cable management.

You can use our brackets and accessories for suspending a cable basket from the ceiling, fixing it to a wall, or for floor mounting - perfect for unique spaces of varying dimensions.

Furthermore, our cable trays come in a variety of sizes; all available from stock for next day delivery, offering you a service that’s both fast and efficient! 

You can even get further discounts on bulk orders! 

Under Desk Cable Management (Cable Baskets)

For those looking for ‘desk cable tidy’ solutions… we’ve got the perfect products for you! 

Introducing our Under Desk Cable Tidy, a range of under desk cable management products, including cable baskets, modesty panel fittings, and also vertical riser systems.

Our under desk cable trays can be secured discreetly to the underside of a desk to allow the cables to be managed neatly, avoiding accidental disconnection and minimising trip hazards.

They can also be fitted to the modesty panel or directly to the underside of the tabletop - these are available sizes 400mm to 3000m (in 100mm intervals).

Under desk cable trays are excellent for managing cables and can be fitted to practically any desk, which is why they’re universally designed to cater for a vast range of users.

Likewise, this makes them the perfect solution for cable management at home or in the office, especially for those working from home due to the ongoing pandemic.

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