Pemsa - Click Connector - C8 Black

Product Code: C8B/CC

C8 Black Click Connector Bracket For Cable Basket - (Rejiband)

  • For joining straight sections of wire cable basket.
       (Not suitable for 35mm depth basket)
  • Quick Click fitting - No bolts or special tools needed.
  • More than 850 hours corrosion resistant
  • More aeshetic than that of Hot Dipped Galvanised
  • Simply bend tabs and lock into position using a screwdriver.  
  • Electrical continuity guaranteed. 
  • Class 8, BS EN 61537 Specifications 
  • Black C8 - For Internal or External Use.
  • Characteristics of self healing/self regeneration on scratches or minor defects
  • Recommended number of connectors per tray as follows:
       60mm x 2

       100mm x 2
       150mm x 2
       200mm x (2+1)
       300mm x (2+1)
       400mm x (2+2)
       450mm x (2+2)
       500mm x (2+2)
       600mm x (2+2)
  • Sold Individually

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