Pemsa - Cable Basket Side Support 60 - C8 Black

Product Code: C8B/SS60

C8 Black Side Support Bracket for 60x60mm Cable Basket - (Rejiband)

  • For Fixing Rejiband 60mmx60mm (C8B60/60) to the wall or suspending on a rod.  
  • Can be used in pairs for suspending wider trays on rods. 
  • Use M8 Threaded Rods & Nuts for holding / positioning basket.
  • More than 850 hours corrosion resistant
  • Class 8, BS EN 61537 Specifications
  • More aeshetic than that of Hot Dipped Galvanised
  • Black C8 - For Internal or External Use.
  • Characteristics of self healing/self regeneration on scratches or minor defects
  • Sold Individually

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