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Our Cable Containment Products

Here at Direct Channel, we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Strut Channels, Brackets, Cable Containment and Strut Support Systems. Our products are used extensively within the Construction, Heating, Ventilation, Mechanical & Electrical Industry. We stock a wide variety of products that tailor to any of your needs at the lowest costs. Whether it’s a new bracket or a channel accessory, we have it all. 

Cable Containment

Our Cable Containment range includes a variety of cable trays, baskets, trunking & ladder racks all available in different sizes including a full range of bends & accessories. All of our containment systems are manufactured to the best quality and meet the requirements of the British Industry Standard Specifications.  All of our cable containment products are also all available for next day delivery. (Delivery times may differ due to Covid-19) 

Below are our main cable containment products:

·         Cable Tray

·         Basket Tray

·         Galvanised Conduit

·         Ladder Rack

·         Cable Trunking

·         Premier Universal Lids

·         Under Desk Cable Tidy

·         Containment Brackets

·         Data Foot Floor Mounts

·         Metal Cable Guards

·         Britclips Rapid Sliding Wall Bracket

·         Cable Flange Clips

·         Zip Clip Wire Support

·         Cable Ties & Fixing Bands

·         Uni J Cable Clamps


For more information about any items in our cable management range contact us on sales@directchannel.uk.com or drop us a call on 0121 270 8507.


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