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Highly Recommended Products From Our Stainless Steel Range

  • Mar 23, 2022
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Stainless steel is a popular and highly versatile metal, due to its heat and fire resistance capabilities, strength and aesthetic appearance compared to other commonly used materials. 

Stainless Steel Channel

Designed specifically to act as a support system for mechanical and electrical installations, a stainless steel channel is a key component when building and creating frameworks. The need for welding can also be eliminated when our stainless steel channels are combined with unistrut channel nuts and brackets to create an additionally robust structure.

Channel Nuts 

An essential addition when installing channels or struts, channel nuts are used as a locking mechanism for bolts and brackets. We supply plain, short and long spring channel nuts in most common sizes. 

Basket Trays

Basket trays are beneficial in supporting, transporting and protecting cables under desks and in raised floor systems. Opting for a stainless steel basket tray is a popular choice due to its low conductivity and ability to stay clean. 

Square Plate Washers

Great for support system installations because of their large surface area compared to round alternatives, square plate washers are ideal for use in wooden construction and projects. We stock them in most common sizes from M6-M12.

Threaded Rod

Our threaded rods are designed to be used in most support applications but are also brilliant for suspending appliances, cable trays and fixing channels, and are available in 1m-3m lengths and M6-M24 sizes to suit most requirements. 

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