Channel Strut Clip - A4 Stainless

Product Code: CA4B/CSC

Channel Strut Clamp A4 Stainless - (Rejiband)

  • Allows quick installation to 41x21 or 41x41 Channel.
  • Compatible with all types of channel
  • Can be used with all sizes or Rejiband Except 35x60 and 60x60  
  • A4 Marine Grade (A316)
  • Recommended number of connectors per tray as follows:
       60mm x 2, 100mm x 2, 150mm x 2, 200mm x (2+1),
     300mm x (2+1), 400mm x (2+2), 450mm x (2+2), 500mm x (2+2), 600mm x (2+2)
  • Sold Individually

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